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So here I am, after 4 months, 11 countries, too many places and too many forms of transport (sorry Andreas, I didn't count like you). It was an awesome trip. My travel map started like this, and now looks like this:

I had so much fun, and I met so many amazing people who made it so much better:

- my British tour group for taking care of me, and Aung, and especially Shelagh for the chocolate and hugs and Sian for many laughs
- the German girl who looked after me when I was sick
- my trishaw driver in Bago who 'took me to the Buddhas'
- Amanda for making my first day away bearable
- the others at the only hostel in Yangon
- the lovely people who gave us tea in Mandalay market
- the Moustache Brothers for a fun evening and keeping up the cause
- the monk in Kalaw who used to work for the railway and whose friend went to Aberdeen

Cambodia and Laos
- the water-chicken and rule no 7 crew, Matt, the drinking buddies (Steve, Andreas, Ute), the bakery tour of SE Asia (Erin, Andreas), Claudia for a good chat in Bali, and the Danish boy for Lao-Lao (why?) and cake and good company at Christmas in Vietnam and lots of emails regaling me with his travels
- the French girls and the other mad people who I spent New Year with on an almost deserted beach on Koh Rong, Cambodia
- my homestay family in Laos, and their adorable daughter
- our awesome guide at Angkor

- being drowned rats on the back of motorbikes in Hue with Alba
- tiramisu coffee and pho with Cynthia in Hanoi
- buckets of gin and lemon juice with Ida in Ho Chi Minh
- my Halong Bay buddies
- my Melbourne girls at the Hanoi Backpackers
- Maureen in the Mekong Delta and my British buddy in Hanoi

- the amazing Born Free hostel in Bangkok for being a fountain of knowledge, good fun and being lovely when I was sick
- the boys with the scorpion
- Sherry, Tony and Ciara for markets, temples and drinking
- Victoria for cheering me up in Railay
- Midian, Shellie, Steph and Cat for making Phi Phi a good laugh
- the Lipe collective
- Laura and Nina for fun in Ko Lanta, and Anna for her many gifts and a good chat, and my snorkelling buddies

- Mark for food in Penang
- the amazing Elin from Penang to Bali - all the temples, Indian food, orang-utans and reggae - many adventures shared
- Susie for joining me in history and food exploration in Melaka
- the lovely girls in KL

- the fabulous Gerald for his list of where we should eat

- the boys in Bukit Lawang (I can still sing the song)
- the paparazzi of Borobodur
- the people in the reggae bars of Yogya and Gili T

Papua New Guinea
- Eve the amazing Houghton in Kimbe for being Eve
- Asi (and Gaby) for letting me stay, Anne and Ifor for much dinner, Nils for laughs and music, Chris for the lifts and looking like a smurf in the hot river, Nicky for taking us shopping PNG style
- Arnold and Maureen for making Kavieng so welcoming
- Stephen and Cecilia for looking after me at their lovely guesthouse
- the surf dudes at Nusa

- Phil and Rora for putting me up, spoiling me, feeding me lots and taking me to lots of fun places and being such great friends
- Annette for scones, jam and cream and a BBQ
- Dinah and Rob for letting me stay, and lifts, and a beach trip and roast dinner
- Jono for drinks and kangaroos and music and lots of fun

Hong Kong
- the Swiss girls for a fun last night abroad
- Melissa for making a wet Hong Kong amusing

I must have forgotten someone, but you all made my trip unforgettable.

And finally, Will, for pubcrawling and Dojo's to make me remember how much I love my home too (and encouraging me to travel even more).

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Up, up and away

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So here I am waiting in the airport for my first flight. I can't imagine why anyone would like airports. First of all I'm always exhausted from a combination of bad sleep/starting early/coach travel/running round madly to find those last bits. Then you sit around. For hours. To pass the time you attempt to wander round shops. But airport shops are not for the common person (how many people do you know who can afford Gucci even when its duty-free?). Then your flight is delayed. And everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is tired and fed-up and bored and knowing they face many hours cooped up in an, admittedly streamlined, metal box in the sky. What a way to start a trip.
Grump over. The good news: my bag only weighs 12kg. Result. It seems the ridiculous baggage allowance in PNG will not foil me!

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Three weeks and two days to go...suggestions welcomed

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So the hostel is booked in Hong Kong. I have a start and end to my trip, just 4 months in between to fill in...

Current plan is:
11-29 Nov: Burma
29 Nov-1 Dec: Bangkok
1-15 Dec: Cambodia & Laos
15-17 Dec: Bangkok
17-28 Dec: Vietnam
28-30 Dec: travelling
30 Dec-7 Jan: Thai islands
7-22 Jan: Malaysia & Singapore
23 Jan-10 Feb: Indonesia
11-18 Feb: Kimbe, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
18-22 Feb: Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
22 Feb-1 Mar: Melbourne, Australia
1-2 Mar: Hong Kong

Any suggestions?

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Visas visas visas

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So today I was awoken by my passport coming back with this, and I was in buoyant mood:

Well I'm heading here at least...

Well I'm heading here at least...

So, merrily I preceded to package up my precious passport for its next journey to London, only to discover that I now need more bits of paper to visit Myanmar. They like to make it tricky don't they?

At least I know I'm going to Vietnam...

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So in November I disappear off for four months...

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During my travels I will wander across this bridge, through here, and recuperate somewhere like these bays…


I will hopefully see some of these flamboyant characters in Indochina and Papua New Guines…and if I’m extra lucky, these slightly more elusive beasts in Sumatra…


I will get immensely fat eating street food and dim sum, but will definitely be avoiding these eight-legged beasties…


And of course in-between seeing lots of beautiful and interesting things…


I will remember to enjoy myself with snorkelling, a little partying, and catching up with good friends. Here's to four months away (and a bit more sunshine than today)


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